Technoform Bautec

Whether you are an architect, designer, aluminum extruder or fenestration fabricator, you can count on Technoform Bautec to provide the support you need to improve your product or service and grow your business. As the leading global supplier of polyamide thermal insulating strips, Technoform Bautec offers a comprehensive global network of industry specialists who can help you create new systems that meet the design and performance objectives of your customers. We offer:

  • Product Concept and Design Assistance
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Testing Support
  • Rapid Prototyping of Custom Profiles
  • Production Layout & Equipment Specification
  • Assistance with Equipment Setup & Assembly Training
  • Quality Control Audits and Assistance
  • Service Center

Today's market continually demands fenestration products that deliver the highest performance. Our sales engineers, thermal simulators and customer service personnel can help you quickly navigate the steps to delivering more energy efficient products.